Loving luxury

Coldwell Banker® Global LuxurySM is the leader in luxury real estate marketing, following a legacy established nearly 90 years ago. Coldwell Banker® brings you the strength of a global network, combined with the expertise of luxury real estate specialists to assists you in your projects.

Coldwell Banker® is the high standards and excellence of more than 90,000 consultants around the world, who are committed to providing you with a privileged service that meets your expectations.

« In France, a dozen networks are specialized
in luxury real estate. This niche market is dominated by international brands such as Coldwell Banker, a leading international real estate group »

Le Monde - August 29, 2018

Because your property is unique, we implement an adapted marketing plan. Our luxury real estate specialists have levers of marketing that guarantee your property’s image.

Coldwell Banker® Global LuxurySM has its own marketing tools. In digital, we deploy a global ecosystem of sites and blogs to showcase properties and offer the widest global audience.

Coldwell Banker® also reaches a wide audience on social networks, using emotionally engaging videos to reach potential buyers on the sites they visit every day.

We publish our own magazines, the quality of which is only intended to serve the prestigious image of each of the properties presented in them. We use several renowned media around the world as relays to publicize the mandates entrusted to us.


Excellence is our corporate culture. It is a constant desire to always meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

High standards

Each of our luxury real estate specialists has been trained and certified to master the requirements of a privileged international clientele.


Our agents apply very strict quality control and quality procedures to guarantee the security of your property and the success of its sale.

Our agencies

Coldwell Banker® is the most dynamic network in the luxury real estate market with 12 openings in 2019 alone.
Today, Coldwell Banker Europe Realty counts 40 offices and 300 real estate agents.