The keys to a successful sale:
an exclusive listing

An Exclusive Listing allows for accurate and precise distribution of information about your property. It renders your property unique. It guarantees efficiency and saves you time by presenting you only with qualified and relevant buyers. An exclusive listing means investing in showcasing your property to potential buyers in the best way possible. It guarantees the security of your property during the viewings.

Exclusivity gives you the advantage of the rarity of the property and helps to get the best price for your home. The buyer is faced with the sole representative of the seller in competition with other potential buyers. An Exclusive agreement  establishes trust and confidence between you and your agent whose goal is to defend your interests.

Our agencies

Coldwell Banker® is the most dynamic network in the luxury real estate market with 12 openings in 2019 alone.
Today, Coldwell Banker Europe Realty counts 40 offices and 300 real estate agents.